Friday, June 29, 2012

Penny is in the water

Penny Palfrey has started her trek for the Keys from Cuba. You may follow her progress using the Penny Palfrey spottracker. She's been in the water a little over an hour and is on a bee line north.
The latest ASCAT satellite image was in a perfect location for a swath across the Florida Straits this morning, winds observed by the satellite pass were 10 knots or less and variable across the entire passage.
The ASCAT observations are supported bu C-Man stations at Sand Key Light (SANF1)
and from Sombrero Key Light (SMKF1)

From National Weather Service WFO Key West Radar (KBYX) and GOES East satellite IR and Visible imagery, we see the only returns this morning from a cloud line along the lower Keys this morning on my SimuAWIPS display.
Conditions are nearly perfect for the swim and I can't wait to congratulate the entire team when they make landfall in the Keys. Go getem' Penny!

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