Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Well the storm that actually looks like something tropical is once again Ophelia, (fig. 1). There is not much to say about the system other than the circulation looks much better than Philippe, (fig. 2).
Still the organization is quite weak within Ophelia, while Philippe has a totally exposed circulation with little hope of evolving back into a significant system. Both tracks are taking these storms out to sea with Ophelia making a minimal impact on the Leeward Islands in the form of heavy rainfall.

The official track from the National Hurricane Center, www.nhc.noaa.gov, is in white, while assorted forecast tracks are displayed you can see the official track is left of the model tracks with the furthest track well northeast of Puerto Rico. A fish storm in any form is a beneficial storm for the environmental system.

As for Philippe, well one can see for themselves. When you can see the center without any convection it spells doom for any storm.


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